How Gazelle® Glider Works

Strength, Cardio Endurance and Flexibility are the key components of fitness and Gazelle has been around for over 20 years because it is one of the only exercise machines that can deliver all three.
By using your own bodyweight and gravity you can perform resistance training exercises on the Gazelle to build strength in all your major muscle groups.

A great cardio program is needed to build endurance for your heart and lungs. The versatility of the Gazelle allows you to do several different types of cardio programs. Keeping it fun and exciting, while at the same time being safe and easy!

Flexibility is the key to preventing injury and improving mobility and stretching is the key to great flexibility! The Gazelle allows you to stretch out all your major muscle groups safely and effectively. The Gazelle Glider will help you look better, move better and feel better!